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A Pirate Party for a Cause

Join us for our son’s 5 year Birthday Party. Sure it was a Pirate Party, but we did what we could do make it an eco-party for a cause! We reduced, re-used AND recycled. Additionally, this was a 1 gift party (1 gift from us) – all gifts were in the form of donations that went to a selected Shark conservation & education organization (per the B-Day boy!). Check out to learn more about them.

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Lu and the Earth Bug Crew is written in such a simple way that kids just get it, and you see their eyes sparkle and smile as they read the book. Good job and good luck Derek.

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About The Author

Derek Sabori has always wanted to be an Earth Bug.

An Eco-Action Adventure

written by Derek Sabori with illustrations by Steve Riley & Mark Adams, website by jackstin